The pSysmon Core

psysmon.core.base The pSysmon base module.
psysmon.core.cecSubProcess The pSysmon main program.
psysmon.core.project Module for handling the pSysmon project and users.
psysmon.core.project_server The projectserver module.
psysmon.core.waveclient Module for providing the waveform data from various sources.

Plugin System

psysmon.core.packageSystem The pSysmon package system module.
psysmon.core.packageNodes The package node base classes.
psysmon.core.plugins Extend psysmon with custom code.
psysmon.core.preferences_manager Module for handling object preferences.
psysmon.core.processingStack The pSysmon processingStack module.

Core GUI modules

psysmon.core.gui The pSysmon GUI module.
psysmon.core.gui_preference_dialog The pSysmon GUI module.

Core utilities

psysmon.core.database_util Utility functions to interact with the database.

C interface

psysmon.core.clib_util Utilities to handle external C libraries.

Main Packages


psysmon.packages.geometry.inventory The inventory module.
psysmon.packages.geometry.db_inventory The inventory module.
psysmon.packages.geometry.inventory_parser The inventory parser module.
psysmon.packages.geometry.util The geometry util module.
psysmon.packages.geometry.editGeometry The editGeometry module.

Addon Packages