Starting pSysmon

After having installed pSysmon following the instructions in Installing pSysmon, you can start pSysmon by calling the psysmon command in your command shell:

user@computer ~ $ psysmon

This will open the pSysmon main window:

The pSysmon main window is divided into 3 main panels:

  • the collection panel (top left);
  • the collection node repository panel (top right);
  • the log area panel(bottom).

In the collection panel, you can combine collection nodes into collections. Collections can be saved for later use. The collection node repository panel provides you all the functionality of pSysmon. There you can find different tools (e.g. editing the geometry, importing data, displaying data) that you can add to your collections. The log area panel displays the log information of the pSysmon software. Moreover you can control the processes which have been started by pSysmon.