To run pSysmon you need some additional Python packages and a running MySQL database server.

pSysmon is written using Python version 2.7.2.
pSysmon relies on several python packages. Before installing pSysmon you have to make sure that the packages listed in this section are installed on your system.
You can use either the package management system of your Linux distribution or you can install them using python's own packaging system. Although it's easier to use the packages provided by the Linux distribution, I recommend to use pip to install the required packages because using pip ensures that you are using the latest version of the packages. The Linux distribution packages are not always up to date.
To check your system for already installed packages and their versions you can use the pip freeze command or the yolk tool (if you have pip installed, call pip install yolk in your Linux shell).

Package min. Version
basemap 1.0.7
lxml 2.3.2
matplotlib 1.4.0
numpy 1.9.1
mysql-python 1.2.5
obspy 0.9.2
pillow 2.7.0
py2cairo 1.10.1
Pyro4 4.32
scipy 0.15.1
sqlAlchemy 0.9.8
wxPython 3.0.0

Installing required packages using the Linux package management (Ubuntu/Debian)

If the correct wxpython version (>= 3.0.0) is not available in the repository of your distribution, you can use the PPA of the KiCad Software: I found this the most convenient way to get the most recent wxpython build.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get --yes install python python-dev python-pip python-numpy python-scipy python-tk python-matplotlib python-mpltoolkits.basemap python-lxml python-mysqldb python-sqlalchemy python-pillow python-cairo python-wxgtk3.0 python2-pyro4 mysql-server python-construct

The following packages have to be updated using pip:

sudo pip install --upgrade pyro4
sudo pip install --upgrade sqlalchemy

Additionally the obspy package has to be installed. The obspy package can't be found in the standard repository of a linux distribution, so I suggest using pip:

sudo pip install obspy

A general overview of packages and how to install them can be found in Understanding packages and pip. A detailed description of the installation of the required packages using pip can be found in the section Installing the packages required by pSysmon in the developers guide.

pSysmon uses a database backend to manage the data. Although the software is designed to support multiple database engines, currently a MySQL database server has to be used. The MySQL database server is available at almost all Linux distributions. The easiest way to setup the database server is to install it using your system's package installation manager.