Download pSysmon

Because pSysmon is in the early phase, it is recommended to use the most recent code available from the Git repository.

The pSysmon Git repository is hosted at The git URL to the repository is git://

To get the pSysmon software from the Git repository you have to have Git installed. Once Git is running on your system, you have to clone the pSysmon Git repository to your local computer. Details about cloning a Git repository are given in the Git documentation Cloning an Existing Repository.

To clone the pSysmon Git repository run the command:

git clone git://

If you have problems using the git protocol (e.g. you are behind a firewall and the git protocol on port 9418 is blocked) you might use the http URL to clone the psysmon repository:

git clone

More information about protocols supported by the Git server can be found here.

This will create a directory named psysmon in the directory from which you are calling the git clone command. To install pSysmon follow the instruction given in section Installation using

If you don't want to use git to get pSysmon, you can download the current snapshot of the Git repository tree from
The direct links to the snapshots are:

Download the compressed file, extract it on your computer and follow the installation instructions.